Form PIT

We try to better understand your experience in order to improve our project.

To be completed once you have completed the study path.

    Study course:
    Course duration:
    Start of the course:
    End of the course
    The course had a final test:
    Final grade:
    Compared to the expectations you had before attending the course, has the course proved useful?
    Have you gained new knowledge by attending this course?
    Have you gained new operational skills by attending this course?
    Did you encounter any difficulties in attending the course?
    How satisfied are you with the course in general?
    How do you think it is appropriate to reintroduce the project for young people at the center?
    What critical issues did you encounter while attending the course?
    Were there any critical issues in the management of our support?
    Which ones?
    Did the remuneration received cover all the expenses?
    How do you evaluate our tertiary education project?
    How do you evaluate the degree of interaction with the Sister?
    What are your intentions for your future?
    Can you tell us how was your experience?
    Send us a photo of you with the certificate you received

    Thank You!