SMALL projects

In these years, when we have had the opportunity, we have tried to help the centers in carrying out actions that went beyond the supports and which had a certain urgency. It is not always possible for us to provide help for these projects as we would like, but knowing where there is a need is already a start!

This aid will take the form of small projects and may relate to actions you wish to undertake, small improvements to the center and purchases necessary for the well-being of the children and the improvement of the center’s offer. We remind you that Faggio Vallombrosano is a small association, so keep this information in mind when requesting the aid.

Once the information has been obtained (description of the action/object of the purchase, purpose and beneficiaries of the action/purchase, costs and person responsible for the action), the staff of the Association prepares a document containing all the information on the small project to be submitted for analysis by the executive board of the Association.

The board will evaluate the small projects and, in case of approvation, they will be placed on a waiting list until help arrives from supporters or other donors to finance them. There are also cases in which, if the requested help is of a limited amount, the Association can consider taking on the costs without having to wait for specific fundraisers.

Small projects will only be taken into consideration if the information sent by the center is complete, clear and exhaustive.

We remind you that every additional word you provide us allows us to better understand your every need and to communicate the small project to the donors in the best way.

    2. City:
    Name of the center / school / hostel:
    Name of the project manager:
    Project manager's e-mail address:
    Description of the small project (please, provide as detailed a description as possible, with information on the actions that you wish to undertake or the object of the intended purchase for which funding is requested)
    Motivation and purpose of the project:
    Project beneficiaries:
    Project costs:
    Additional costs:
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